Is WordPress the Best for Small Business Websites?

is wordpress tehbest for small business?

Is WordPress the best option for a small business’s website?

There are a large number of small businesses and entrepreneurs looking to get themselves online in the quickest and most affordable way possible. 

We are going to tell you why so many of these people have jumped down the WordPress rabbit hole and haven’t looked back!


Now we’re not saying that everything popular is simply the best. But, WordPress is definitely popular and for you, it might just be the best. WordPress is used by over 75 MILLION websites which accommodate over 30% of all the websites in existence today. I don’t know about you, but that seems like a lot, and that’s because it most certainly is!



With the popularity of WordPress growing each year, so does the increasing amount of documentation and online tutorials. It’s almost a guarantee that if you are looking to do something using WordPress be it creating entire landing pages, online stores, or just simple things like embedding a contact form on your website, you should have no problem finding helpful content from 100’s of different sources. 

If you are looking for somewhere to start your WordPress journey then don’t go past these great blog posts from WPBeginner. The information and tutorials given at WPBeginner are great for newcomers and WordPress experts alike. 



Being that WordPress is so popular it must be expensive right? Well… not exactly… WordPress is completely open-source and free to download for anyone! While it is possible to build a WordPress website for free, there are many premium plugins and themes that can be used to extend the functionality of WordPress allowing you to achieve great things.



While many would consider WordPress easy to use, It’s not without a small learning curve even for the technically minded. But let’s be honest with ourselves, when do we ever try something new and become instant experts? I know I can say not very often! The old saying “practice makes perfect” is exactly what I’m getting at here. If you put the time and effort into learning your way around WordPress and how it ticks, you will be a whizz in no time, and all for the better!



So is WordPress really the best option for a small business website? We are going to leave that decision up to you. But… if you did ask… we say it’s a sound investment! Plus there are 75 Million other people who would say the same.

For those less inclined to try a DIY solution, Cloudside Media offers a range of great affordable WordPress website solutions for your business.