How Important is Your Hosting Plan?

Website Hosting Server

Your website hosting plan can be one of the most important choices when designing a new website.

With so many website hosting companies available it’s easy to get confused. More often then not, people are drawn to the cheaper options to try and save a few dollars without knowing exactly what they have signed up for. While saving a few dollars can always help a small business, is it worth it if you can’t generate traffic through your website? When in fact, saving a few dollars could be detering your site’s visitors through an unbearably slow loading time, causing nothing but headaches and increased bounce rates. This doesn’t sound good does it?

When choosing a hosting provider, you need to take two main things into consideration. The first thing is knowing where your audience is. If your hosting provider does not have servers in the same region as your audience then you are going to be providing a sub-optimal experience for site visitors. Imagine if you wanted to buy something online but the website you are on is very slow and painful to navigate as you wait 10 seconds every time you click on it. Chances are you are leaving that website without buying a thing to save yourself the trouble. Ensuring the hosting servers are in the same region as your target audience is one step towards making sure your site visitors are not put in this position.

The second thing to think about, and something that Cloudside Media cares for, is your budget. Not everyone has the money to spend on private servers to run their small business website and nor should they have to. Companies like SiteGround offer affordable hosting plans with great starting discounts so that you can get the hosting you need without breaking the bank. They offer managed WordPress hosting that takes all the complicated bits and presents them in an easy to use dashboard with automated tools to get your website up and running in no time.

Don’t choose your hosting provider without getting an expert opinion first from the people who know and work in the industry. Call or message us anytime to discuss your hosting needs and we can help you decide on what is best for your business.